When saving PDFs, it is not being saved as a pdf

I saw where this had been marked resolved in february, however it is still happening in July 0f 2019. Brave is adding a crazy long extension to google docs where no one else can read it and it is saving pdf files as html files, which totally ruins the pdf. The only workaround is to print the file.

Here is an example chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/file:///C:/Users/const/Downloads/Invox-Whitepaper.pdf . why in the world is this crazy type of linknecessary???. I just want a normal pdf view and to be able to save and view it as normal. Especially when i share docs through google drive it gets really messy.

This link below marked it as fixed and closed it up .


I just found out here that a new and improved PDF viewer is on it’s way: Disable Inbuilt PDF Viewer

Regarding saving PDFs, do you see this at the top right when viewing a PDF?

Clicking the circled button saves the file as a PDF at least in my case.

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