When previewing tab Ctrl+w will close the active tab (not the previewed one)

Love how a tab gets previewed when mouse hovers the top of the tab.

If I click ctrl+w when previewing a tab i would expect it to close the tab being previewed - but instead it closes the active tab. A bit confusing.

Is this the right place to put out the idea to implement that ctrl+w will close the previewed tab?

I think this is actually the right call logically. Just by definition alone, the “active tab” holds control of the keyboard. I don’t believe the tab preview actually pull the tab into focus, but rather just transposes the contents on top of the current on (on hover).

How can I enable the tab-previewing function?

@mathiasrw is using the Muon build which had this feature implemented. We have an open issue to put this in live release as well:


Oh I see… Thank you

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