When or were can I see a payment?



The biggest question I might have is were is my payment?

I started using Brave browser and Brave payments in late January. I signed up for the Bonus tokens from the 1 million article and I saw it on my account. To test it out I put my own youtube channel in, and made it so I had to visit a page 5 times before it would register as a payment. All fine and good.

I have also gotten people to use the referral link, and can see 3 people used it from my Brave Dashboard. Now those have probably not used the Browser for 30 days yet, so it makes sense that i haven’t seen any payout from those.

What does not make sense is the $ from the 1 Million give away: https://brave.com/brave-verified-publishers-double-in-one-week-with-ongoing-1-million-crypto-token-giveaway/. They are not to be seen anywhere on my Brave dashboard or my uphold account. Some of it should have gone to my self, since I have visited my own account, also I can´t seem to confirm that the other person got an payout from those free tokens as well.

I decided this was a test to see if I wanted to start using BRAVE and put my own money on it, and so fare I have either misunderstood something or I can´t seem to figure out were that $$$ have gone. Its march now, so something should have gone my way. ATM I do not feel secure to start contributing.

For some odd reason the system won´t allow me to upload more than one picture ( o.O)


Hi @Samiri

When you open your Payments page in Brave (from settings/preferences), can you verify at least one payment was actually made? You can check this by clicking the clock icon (next to the gear icon) - this will display your Payment History. Also, please note that you need to have at least 30 minutes of browsing activity for a payment to be made.



I haven’t made any payments I got the free ones from the 1 million link.

Do I need to have made an actual payment to see any free $$ get transfered to mu ophold account?

I have several hours view time on the channels I have selected.


Hi @Samiri

If you haven’t made a payment from the browser then that’s why you don’t see any thing in your publisher dashboard (the image from your first post). Publisher dashboard is not the same as what is in the browser when you go to Preferences > Payments.

Could you post a screenshot of the top part of your Preferences > Payments page? The part that shows Monthly Budget, Account Balance, Last Contribution Date, Next Contribution Date, etc? (You don’t need to include what’s in the table below unless you feel comfortable doing so)



Hi Lauren and thanks for trying to help but I think you are misunderstanding me, or I am clearly enough. I had posted 3 screenshots but the system would only allow me to send one since I am a new user.

The problem is not my adding funds to the contribution system. The problem is I got free fund from the link and had if I remember correctly like 15$ worth of free tokens. Those tokens have been divided out to the users on my list. However I my selv are one of those users as a test to see how the system was working. I did no get 1 cent of the contribution that was given to me from the link. It was arround 19 January or something I made the account and not hats soon one and a half months since. That’s why I am wondering were did the free tokens I was given gone to. Clearly not to me since my ophold accounts balance is zero.

I haven’t put any funds in my self, since I wanted to see what happened to the tokens I got for free.

I will gladly provide any information I can to figure out what the problem is.


Hi @Samiri

We’re definitely having some misunderstanding, so lets back up a bit. A couple of questions for you:

  1. When you go to Preferences > Payments, is this where you accepted the free tokens?
  2. When you go to Preferences > Payments, do you see this icon in the red box? If so, is yours grayed out or is it orange?
  3. Also on Preferences > Payments, what date is listed below
    a. Last Contribution
    b. Next Contribution

Let’s start here and work towards a resolution :slight_smile:


  1. When you go to Preferences > Payments, is this where you accepted the free tokens?
    I claimed the tokens from the link i have provided here: https://brave.com/brave-verified-publishers-double-

I followed the process of installing and creating the account and so on, I also had tokens on the account,
but off course now its a 0 since its march.
Quote from site
(Brave wallets are currently unidirectional, meaning that the tokens cannot be withdrawn and can only be given away to creators. The BAT grants must be used within 90 days to support publishers and creators, otherwise they will automatically return to the BAT UGP.) Quote end

Thats what I did, I gave the tokens to my self and other content creators I had visited 5 times and spent at least 1 minute on. But I never received anything, and I don´t know if the other content creators received anything.

  1. When you go to Preferences > Payments, do you see this icon in the red box? If so, is yours grayed out or is it orange.
    Everything is enabled. I understand i need to add more funds to give out more tokens, but haven’t done
    so, because I never received anything the first time.

  2. Also on Preferences > Payments, what date is listed below: Everything is overdue, since I haven’t added any funds.
    a. Last Contribution No previous contributions (makes sense since I haven’t added anything, I used the free BAT)
    b. Next Contribution: overdue, (since i haven’t added anything since I was testing with the free BAT)


Hi @Samiri

Thanks for the info! Could you explain what you mean by

I’m wondering, do you mean you created the account on https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org ?



Hello Lauren
Sorry for my late reply for some reason I missed the notification mail.

From the blog I mentioned earlier I was instructed in downloading the browser and then accepting the grand when I enabled payments. I did that

I also created a content creator account from the link you just posted.


No problem @Samiri :slight_smile:

So to recap, after downloading the browser you clicked on the ‘Claim my free tokens’ button shown in the screenshot below and saw the value in the ‘Account Balance’ section display your free tokens, correct? (it is important to know if you clicked on this particular button)

If this is accurate, could you please click on the gear icon, click on backup your wallet, and let me know if you see backup words on the next screen or simply ‘a’ (note, if you see words, don’t paste them here, I just want to know if you see them).

If this is not accurate, could you share your OS so I can give instructions on how to obtain additional information I can share with the team for investigation?



Yes that is correct, clicked claim my free tokens and they were shown under account balance.
When I press Backup your wallet, I see many words in red that I can copy.


Thanks @Samiri - since you are still seeing ‘Overdue’ and your account balance is showing 0 (from your screenshot here: When or were can I see a payment?) I think I’m going to need to get some additional information so I can ask a teammate to review your wallet on the server. Could you send your OS please?



I’m pretty sure the reason I see the overdue is because it’s so long ago now. Remember I got the tokens 19 January or something and 30 days have passed. So it would make sense that I had to pay. It’s just strange I didn’t see any deposit in my wallet as a content creator.

My OS is 64 Bit windows 10 N edition.


Thanks @Samiri

Could you please do the following:
Navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave
Open your ledger-state.json file (you can just use a text editor, you won’t be making any changes)
Locate the paymentId and private message that to me please.

I’ll share this paymentId with a teammate who can review on the server.



@Samiri please delete your reply and send the ID in a private message to @LaurenWags. I’m not sure anything evil can be done with your paymentId but I would treat it as something as precious as your Private Key unless we’re told it’s safe.

I’ve flagged your post so hopefully someone (either you or a team member) can get rid of the post and protect your ID. Have a nice day, and I hope your problem gets solved promptly!


Oh I muss have understood, I thought I was supposed to paste it here. It’s removed and I will send a pm.


Thanks for looking out for other community members @Chugwig - much appreciated :grinning:


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