When opening a new tab an additional spam tab opens

When starting, brave always opens an additional Tab with spam.
i.e. “https://aldi.loyalty-today.club/de/de-amz-sai/i12-de-flexdom-soi-jsc.php?prize=500€%20ALDI%20Gutschein&brand=Aldi&lpkey=167a441b43db22e046&domain=push.for-click.cyou&uclick=qeu3sl1z&uclickhash=qeu3sl1z-qeu3sl1z-1ze2-0-usa4-gx9lfe-17k20-045d6e
This is very annoying and I can not find a way to get rid of this strange behaviour. Nor even resetting to standard helps.
I have never ever registered with aldi or with loyalty-today

@Klaus2 This type of behavior usually comes from a browser extension that you’ve added or some form of adware. If you haven’t, try to run something like Malwarebytes to see if it finds anything. Then you may also want to look at what extensions you have on your browser and try removing any you don’t remember installing OR the most recently placed. Lastly, check that it’s not launching based on what you have your Home Page set to.

The issue should be one of the three things mentioned.

Thanks a lot! Malwarebytes found several problems. Think that’s it.

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