When is Brave going to remove Uphold device limit?

I heard that Brave is planning to finally remove the 4 devices limit on Uphold, so I would like to know when is that going to happen?

Thanks in advance!

Curious to learn, why is there a limit in the first place?

Visit here to know more:
https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/18572 72

Purely speculation with my response but could possibly be put in place at the start when they first started with uphold to reduce overloading the backend. If people started verifying like 10 wallets + when just starting out it may be a challenge if any bugs or issues came up or not enough bandwidth. Could easily be the case since a new wallet is created each time you reinstall brave even on the same device. For example if I was to reinstall brave 5 times on my phone and tried verifying with each install I would have 6 wallets. Multiply by number of devices each person owns, and multiply by number of users.
Or perhaps it was a agreed term between brave and uphold when they partnered up for whatever reason (limiting overloading upholds servers?). Always found uphold integrations and functionality gimmicky at the best of times.

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