When installed, Brave Beta is not distinguishable from the Brave Release?



Brave Beta does not get installed to a separate folder, or nor does it create a dedicated start menu shortcut. In this situation, how can Brave Release and Beta be used, when installed in the same machine?


They should be installed separately and able to run in parallel.
In Windows, open control panel and find Add or Remove Programs, scroll down until you find Brave:

You should be able to see the different builds here. Additionally, Brave Beta should have the “beta” text on the icon as seen in the image above.


What happens is, when the download is tried by clicking the button Download Beta for Windows and if the Save As dialog box doesn’t open immediately, then the page at https://brave.com/thank-you is opened, which has a link with the title If your download doesn’t start automatically try again on [Windows 64-bit](https://laptop-updates.brave.com/latest/winx64),. This Windows 64-bit is the normal Brave release channel, I suppose. This is what happened when I tried to download Brave Beta. I clicked on the Windows 64-bit link on the page at https://brave.com/thank-you, once directed to when the Save As dialog box didn’t open immediately.


Can I see a screenshot of the list of “Brave” applications in your Windows Add or Remove Programs panel? Same way I displayed mine above.


For what, I have explained what happens, isn’t what I described happening? and also what happened to me. Even during the saving of the Brave installer, I wondered why the Beta Brave release has named the installer with the same name that the Brave normal release channel uses.
The Brave Beta download page leads to the https://brave.com/thank-you, if the Save As dialog box doesn’t open immediately. This happened to me, And if anybody ushered to that page due to the absence of the Save As box, then the user thinks that the link offered at https://brave.com/thank-you is the Beta download. There were two Brave versions at the time of the Original Post, one the Brave normal release and the Muon edition. Until today, just about an hour or two ago, so were the Brave releases installed on my machine. Then, after seeing your post, I again installed Brave Beta. From this last install Brave beta got installed and from this last download and installation, I realized what had happened.braveReleases

This is after the Brave beta installation, today. The two above the Beta is the normal release and the Muon. The normal release and the Muon is not identifiable from the program list in the “Uninstall or change a program” section


We’ll be releasing an update for the Muon build soon, wherein users will be notified and encouraged to upgrade to Brave Core from their Muon build. Through that update process, the Brave (Muon) shortcuts will get a name change.

Since you jumped the gun ( good choice), you may not get that Muon update. However, if you right click the icon and click “rename” you can alter them however you’d like so you don’t forget which is which.

:point_up: I’m sorry but I don’t think I understand what this is all about. Are you saying that the thank you page, (https://brave.com/thank-you) you’re redirected to when attempting to download Beta is not a download to the Beta version? Because the link I used was fine. I tested by:

  1. Going to https://brave.com/download-beta
  2. Clicking “Download Beta for Windows”
  3. I was prompted to download before being redirected, however since you mentioned the link on the Thank You page, I went ahead and clicked that link instead of saving at the prompt.
  4. The prompt then came back up and the Beta installer was downloaded.

Please let me know if any of that is unclear.


Yes, that’s what I am exactly saying.

  1. Go to https://brave.com/download/

2 Click cancel of the “Save As” box

3 Then you will be directed to https://brave.com/thank-you

4 At https://brave.com/thank-you, you will see more download links

5 Click on the Windows 64-bit link that has the description If your download doesn’t start automatically try again on and note the name of the setup installer

Then after the above, go here https://brave.com/download-beta. Click Download Beta for Windows, Do not save the setup, click cancel, and you will be taken to https://brave.com/thank-you. There, click the Windows-64 link. note the name of the setup installer.

Both names, one noted from the redirected page of the normal Brave release channel and the other noted from the redirected page of the Brave Beta release, will be the same. Both would be BraveBrowserSetup.Whereas the Beta setup name is BraveBrowserBetaSetup. Both Windows-64 links, on the redirected pages of the normal release and the Beta, leads to https://laptop-updates.brave.com/latest/winx64


I have Muon still installed, so why would I not get the update?. Even though Muon and the current normal Brave release is not distinguishable on the program list at “Uninstall or change a program”. Muon and the other Brave releases, normal and the Beta, are distinguishable in the start menu.In fact, Muon is inside the folder Brave


Apologies for the confusion. You’re absolutely right, the “thank you” page links all point to the Release build, even when redirected from Beta or Developer build download pages. Great catch, really appreciate you pointing this out. I’ve alerted the appropriate team members.

I suppose I should have said “Might not see it”. You’ll definitely get it.
I would suggest some sort of naming convention or marker/identifier for shortcut names if you’re having trouble remembering. I agree that it can be confusing at times but nothing a little organization can’t fix.

Thank you again for pointing out the website issue. If you don’t have any more questions I’ll go ahead and close this thread.