When in a Sync chain, Brave is crashing regularly ever since 1.3.113

Just wanted to say I’ve had the same crashes in 1.3.113. They started all of a sudden and were frequent once they started (once every minute or so). I exited my sync chain and deleted all the bookmarks and the problems vanished; attempted to rejoin and immediately crashed. Now I’ve found this page, I’ve updated to the new 1.3.114 and rejoined the chain, and so far no problems. Will send a report if the problem comes back. Thanks for the update!

Hello Asad,

A different subject. I asked over a month ago about the fact that Brave would not import my passwords from Chrome. The community never gave me an answer. Can you? I have now uninstalled Brave and am using Chrome again. I need my passwords. I’m an internet junky.


The fix doesn’t work, Brave still crashes. Here is the #support-and-troubleshooting crash report ID Uploaded Crash Report ID 83f244dff7f1e470 (Local Context: 8c58372d-f77f-4779-be59-6fccad31fd82)
Crash report captured on Monday, 10 February 2020 at 14:27:44, uploaded on Monday, 10 February 2020 at 15:01:52 of the crash that happened after installing the fix

For those of you who are still crashing, can you please try the following build? This will disable sync temporarily until we fix the crashes and stabilize the feature:

Would appreciate some feedback if the crashes have stopped with the above build. If they haven’t, can you please provide the Crash Report ID of the crashes under brave://crashes. You might need to submit them first if you have “Report Crashes” disabled (which is the default setting) :+1:


So far so good on my end. Updated on both my laptop and Desktop. No crashes so far

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