When I use "Marking Menu" in Autodesk Maya (3d procution software), Brave browser goes blank

Hi, interesting bug here:

When I have Brave open on another display on my windows 10 desktop while I’m using Autodesk Maya, if I use the “marking menu” by pressing and holding the spacebar while the mouse pointer is in a 3d viewport, Brave browser renders gray/white and appears like the web site has gone “blank” temporarily while the marking menu is being displayed — I’d imagine this has something to do with GPU rendering layers or something. Anyway, it makes it a hassle to use Brave while I work.

Brave Dev 0.67.91 and Brave Release 0.65.121 both exhibit the issue

Microsoft Edge (non-chromium based) does not exhibit the issue
Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100 does not exhibit the issue

PC specs:
Microsoft Windows 10 enterprise
cpu i7 9700k
gpu nvidia 2080 ti
mobo asus rog strix z390
ram 64gb

Thanks for the write up!
To confirm, does Brave go gray/black when using the Marking menu in Autodesk permanently/until relaunch, or does it re-render correctly once that particular function in Autodesk stops being used?

Added system specs.

The marking menu is displayed as long as the spacebar is depressed, the second it goes away brave renders correctly again as if nothing has happened. Audio continues to play uninterrupted, videos are playing still and are not messed up, etc.

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Thanks for the additional info.
I’m wondering if this another classic Hardware Acceleration issue behind all this. Can you try disabling it in Settings and see if this changes the behavior?

Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration
(note that you’ll have to relaunch the browser before the changes take effect)

Disabling hardware acceleration makes the problem go away.

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Goodbye problem! :wave:
Hopefully this is a good workaround for you – if you find that you would like HWA enabled we can see if there are other workarounds but for now, design away!

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