When i log into Brave in my school's iMac i get banned

Briefly describe your issue:
When i log into Brave in my school’s iMac i get banned.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
I am using Mac OS Ventura 13.3.1 (a) and Brave Version 1.57.57(At home, at school is an outdated version that does not support brave ads)

Who is your verified custodian?

Are you in a supported region?
Yes i am.

More details:
I have been using Brave and Brave rewards for some time now and this started happening to me when i logged into my Brave account in my school’s iMac(2019 iMac, idk the version of the OS). When i don’t log in it goes away but when i log back in into the schools iMac i have a message on my personal MacBook and PC saying that my profile has been flagged. Tbh is frustrating as i am not exploiting nothing and is just due to logging into an older version of Brave. Is there any work around to this? Or any support that could unflag my profile or something like that? Thanks in advance! : )

You’ll need to raise a ticket at

Please share ticket ID shared in the email you use to submit the ticket.

@ZumoDeZumos Just to be clear, all connected accounts get flagged when one does. So if the PC at your school was connected to your Uphold and then something happened where anyone used it to do something that violated Terms, if would flag that one and impact all of your accounts.

Honestly, you’re only supposed to be using Brave Rewards for personal use. So if you’re installing it on devices that don’t belong to you and are attempting to earn that way, it’s probably not a good idea.

When you speak of logging into older version of Brave, are you referring to connecting the Rewards to it? Because there’s nothing else to log in that could cause you to be flagged. Not sure if you can perhaps give more detail on that.

No, is not that case, my Brave account is on MY personal account on that computer, nobody but the staff of the school has access to my account. So no, i don’t have it on a public computer so that i can earn by people using Brave with my account, plus i did not even connected with Uphold there, i don’t care about getting cryptos there, i just wanted my saved pages and that stuff.

About the logging thing, i connect with the sync and it started happening after the first time i did it at my school, around the 10th of Jan which is when i started there. Since then, when i go and i have to google or whatever and then i come back home, this happens.

Okay, ill do it later, thanks!

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