When i delete browsing history and cookies I am still signed in to websites


I deleted browsing history and cookies etc but when i went back onto facebook or other sites im signed into, it shows I am still signed in and also the sites were still showing in the auto complete browser box…what am i missing or need to be doing? Thanks

I am using Mac 10.13.6 and only use Brave as my browser.

Version 0.58.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)


@tisi Thanks for reporting. I just tried deleting cookies and history on 0.58.18 it’s working perfectly fine.

Can you try deleting cookies and histories by selecting all the checkboxes in Advanced?



Thank you for your reply. I checked all the boxes under Advanced tab and cleared the data. I just went to facebook and it still took me straight to the page all signed in. I have also just visited other pages and they are still signed in also :-/


@tisi Don’t forget about changing Time Range to All time!

Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData


It could be the time like btlechowski says and somehow they aren’t getting deleted it even if you accessed the website recently.
But if you want to remove the cookies visually and know and really see all the cookies that the browser has collected and then make a better decision you can always go to:

Settings -> scroll down Advanced -> Content Settings -> Cookies -> See all cookies and site data.

You will really see everything there and delete everything if you want to or delete only the ones you don’t need. I mean, there should be some websites where you don’t want cookies but others you might not care about but you still want to keep their settings.


@tisi, a couple things:
After clearing your browsing data, are you quitting out of Brave, relaunching and then returning to the website in which you would still be logged into?

You may also want to try:

  • Disabling the Auto Sign-in option: Settings --> Passwords --> Auto-Sign in

  • Touching on @Emi’s comment, if you navigate to Settings --> Advanced --> Content Settings --> Cookies --> See all cookies and site data, youll see a list of all cookies saved. If you’re okay with the nuclear option (with respect to your cookies), you can try hitting Remove all.
    This should remove all stored cookies in the browser. The obvious draw-back being that if you have cookies you want to keep around, this will remove them too.

    • Less risky method above: Again, as @Emi stated, if you know what cookies you’re looking for, you can try removing only those cookies in this menu and seeing if you’re still logged in. For example, if Facebook were the site in question here, search for any Facebook.com cookies found in the list, delete them, relaunch. See if you’re still logged into Facebook (or whatever website(s) you’re primarily concerned with).


Brilliant…thanks everyone…got it sorted now :slight_smile:

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