When i click withdraw in Brave Rewards it redirects to UpHold and does nothing

Can you help me withdraw my bat from Brave to Uphold? My Uphold account has been verifed.

Can you show a screenshot of what are you trying to do?

Payments are process every 5th-12th of every month and is automatic. If you have uphold linked this will be payout to uphold directly if not it will stay in your computer.


after i click withdrawal it takes me to uphold and nothing, the balance still zero

That button doesn’t withdraw founds like you are thinking.

What you are interacting to is an uphold widget, it redirects to uphold because it’s ment to withdraw funds already in uphold to other accounts.

Like i said, rewards are paid every 5th -12th of every month, this is automatic and can not been done before.

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