When I attempt to login to Brave Rewards


When I attempt to login to Brave Rewards a message states that I will be receiving
a login link.
When I open the link in my email, I receive a time out error stating that time ran out.
There is a lapse of just a few minutes from the time I receive the onsite message and I open the link in my email.
Why must I continue to even have to do this? I have a Brave account, I linked it to Uphold and I’m still treated like a new client.
This has become somewhat frustrating and I may leave Brave.
One other question. What can you do with the coins or tokens?
Mike Montague



Hi @t3chdog, I just tried logging into the publishers dashboard with the login link, and I am unable to reproduce the issue. It logged in fine for me. If you are using Gmail, perhaps it is piling the emails into the same thread and you might be clicking an old link. (I’ve done this many times with Gmail. It likes to pile emails into the same thread, and then present the oldest one first, for some inexplicable reason.)

If you have another ad-blocking extension enabled, you can try disabling it temporarily as well.

I would also recommend clearing your cookies, and trying in a Private window (or Incognito window). My intuition is that the login token is having trouble being saved into a cookie, so your browser is sending a stale login cookie.

If you continue to encounter login difficulties after these steps, I will contact the publishers engineering team and see if there is something wrong with the login links you’re being sent.

What can you do with the coins or tokens?

You can exchange them for any other currency you like, both fiat and crypto. Or, once the Brave Ads platform launches, you can use them to purchase advertising space within the network. Or, you will be able to use them to redeem discounts, rewards, premium content, gift cards, etc. once we launch user rewards. Or, you can use them to tip to your favorite websites/creators via the Brave browser. In short, you can think of them as “Air Miles” but on the blockchain, but instead of representing “miles”, they represent units of attention.



I experienced a similar issue with it saying that my 2fa code was timed out and to try again. this kept happening and nothing seemed to fix it. It started working again for me after i uninstalled Brave browser and reinstalled it. I’m not sure what caused this to happen and i have no idea how reinstalling fixed it but that’s what worked for me.
I agree they should be rid of the email link to your rewards account i find it very annoying. hope this helps sorry if it doesn’t.


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