When going into PPT slideshow mode for office.com the PPT won;t go into full slideshow mode

When using powerpoint (PPT) in office.com when I wish to see my presentation in slide show mode, Brave tries to open it and there’s a little circle that comes in the browser but then it plops me right back into edit mode for my PPT.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. It happens every time. Can easily be reproduced.
    2.Ubuntu 16.04
    3.Brave 1.2.41

expected result should be that I go into full slideshow mode. Brave doesn’t permit this.

NOTE: when I use Google Chrome and go into this very same PPT in office.com on this SAME Ubuntu computer, it allows me to go fully into slideshow mode. So this is a Brave issue.

Additional Information:

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