When editing bookmarks the list scrolls back to the top automatically

Description of the issue:

When bookmarks are edited, the list scrolls back to the top as soon as any action such as delete
is performed.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Open bookmarks.

Reproduces how often:
Every time

Brave Build and Version(ex., "Brave Beta, v1.14.73):

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):

Additional Information:
I don’t know whether this is a bug or a feature.

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Can you tell me what OS you’re using? Additionally, you appear to be on a much older version of the browser – the current Beta version is 1.27.84 at the time of writing this. Can you please try updating the browser (go to Menu --> About Brave to initiate the update) and then check and see if the issue persists?

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Running Linux (the latest Mint but also run others such as Debian and Fedora).

Just upgraded to the latest Beta (from The Brave website, not from Mint as they don’t distribute the Beta) and the problem persists. While editing bookmarks (usually deleting) a few seconds later the page scrolls up to the top again. Very annoying.

I love the browser but this is a real bug-a-boo with me.

Frank McCormick

p.s. Can’t find a way to logout of this site :slight_smile:

You can logout of the site here:

Do you by chance have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Do you by chance have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

No, none except what came with the original package from your site.

Apologies for the late reply. I’ve opened the following issue for the developers to review:

@mccfrank are you having the problem when you’re on the bookmarks page itself? ex: brave://bookmarks/

Or are you editing in the Bookmarks Toolbar (scrolling down inside of a folder, right click, edit)?

The bookmarks page. It’s annoying when the list is long-ish as it scrolls back to the top after editing.


Confirmed this bug.

iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 14.6, Brave iOS 1.27.1 (, no extensions other than what are installed originally by Brave iOS installation.

Editing bookmarks has had limited capability.

The last item in a long list of bookmarks, gets buried at the end, and you cannot reach it unless you add dummy-bookmark entries that take over the “last item” position.

Editing a long list of bookmarks (down the list) will cause the displayed list of bookmarks, as a whole, to lose position in the display — the bookmarks list, as a whole, bounces to the topmost item . . . and you have to scroll back down to see your edited work.

By “edit” - meaning that you can still create a bookmark, and you can edit its name and/or URL . . . but you cannot relocate the bookmark - IOW you cannot organize bookmarks.

I checked to see if the Bookmarks.html file can be exported? Yes; thankfully. And perhaps the Brave iOS team can be sure that a Bookmarks.html file can also still be imported (thanks).

20210717 Saturday - Note to Self - See “Editing a bookmark scrolls the list to the top #3938” at GitHub:


That address does not work, for Brave iOS 14.6, Brave iOS 1.27.1 (

Instead, the URL address field at the top of the Brave iOS window, assumes that you are searching for “brave://bookmarks/” and asks either your default search engine or your historically-used search engine (StartPage) to run a search for that string of characters.

@289wk ah - you’re on iOS; yeah brave://bookmarks won’t resolve. I don’t know if there’s a URL you need to visit to see bookmarks

cc: @michal on the iOS items

Made a ticket for it here https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/issues/3938
We can try to make it remember position of the edited bookmark

Sorry - I went thru the post too fast, and saw:

“The bookmarks page . . . it scrolls back to the top after editing.”

That has been happening with Brave iOS, after adding a new folder in the [a long] list of Bookmarks.

For Brave Browser on a Mac, I have thousands of bookmarks — but no problem organizing them.

For Brave iOS on an iPhone, maybe 200 bookmarks so far — but cannot organize the bookmarks since Brave iOS 1.26.something (a problem introduced with that version - says Michal).

i have the same problem, when i deleted any item it goes all the way to the top. i use the browser to keep tabs in my novels so any time i read a new chapter i have to delete the old one so with to many items is really a pity.