When closing an active tab should default to "Select the next tab" rather than "Select the parent tab"


I started using Brave browser everyday for the past two weeks, and it has been working great!
The only thing that I was annoyed about was the behavior when a tab was closed.

My use case:

  1. On amazon.com or ebay.com I am searching for some items on the first tab, and I CTRL+click to open many (10+) items I am interested in into a new tab.
  2. After I finish scanning the items, I click on one of the tabs; Usually the right-most tab to start looking at each product detail page.
  3. When I am done looking at an item, I close the tab (CTRL+W)
  4. Instead of moving the selection to the next tab on the left, Brave is jumping the selection back to the first page with the product listing. I then have to use my mouse to click on another one of the product details tab I had opened.

This is only thing I found annoying with Brave. It feels like I am arm wrestling with my browser. After poking around in the settings, I found Brave has a setting “When closing an active tab”. By default, it is set to “Select the parent tab”. I changed it to “Select the next tab” and my problem was solved.

But, I would strongly urge Brave team to change the default to “Select the next tab”, because that is how it works on Chrome and Firefox and IE (and probably any other browser?).

Brave should have the defaults that conform to how majority of browsers work, so new users coming from other browsers feel comfortable, which will increase adoption rate!!



You can choose what tab to focus after a tab is closed. Default is to switch to parent tab.


Hope this helps


I think @granite’s suggestions is about changing the default settings from parent tab to next tab.


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