When clicking on an inline link in a email on Outlook with Avira VPN in use, site cannot be reached, but can do this with Edge

Open Outlook, open email, click on link.

Page comes up after few seconds saying website cannot be reached and connection being reset. If I turn off Avira VPN, no problem. If I use Edge with Avira VPN on , no problem.

Expect targeted website to open

Every time with this email. Newsmax.com

Brave version 1.44.108, Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Ver. 21H2, Build 19044.2130

Additional Information:

Hello there @JoeBeach could you please try opening the link using Private mode to see if this properly loads?

If it does, try disabling your extensions when turning the VPN on launch the site again.

To Remove an Extension:

  1. On your computer, open Brave.
  2. At the top right, click Menu icon_MM.pngMore toolsExtensions.
  3. On to the extension you want to remove, click Remove.
  4. Confirm by clicking Remove.


  1. On your computer, open Brave.
  2. On your extensions toolbar, right-click the extension you would like to remove
  3. Select Remove from Brave... from the context menu

Let me know if that works.

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