When Brave deposits the BAT to Uphold?


It’s been more than one month and my BAT has not been transfered to my upload account.

I ALWAYS have “Payout in progress” , since one month. Come on, make no sens ! How is it possible ?

Thank you for your help !

the same is happening me how is possible?

It is very possible your accounts have been place on hold. I would advise you to send an email to suspensions@brave.com for more information regarding the payment delay or better still, I can CC @Asad for assistance.

How could my account be suspended since day one ?

Come on, is Brave Reward a scam ?

@yoann @avelinorojas publisher payout is happens around 8th, every month. Make sure you connect your verified Uphold account.


@eljuno Except that in may, or in July, i received nothing.

Oh, and my upload account is well connected.

Same problem here, I verfied everything and still didnt get my BATs, contacted Brave support one week ago still no answer, so sad…

Wait what ? One week ? That’s amazing.

  • “Give me your BAT !”
    -"Let’s flag him for no reaaasooon and give him a nice “Payout pending”.
    -Translation : “we’re gonna keep your BATs ! xoxo”

Guess who’s back on Google Chrome.

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View ignored content. way my uphold acaunt is werificate

@yoann you are not suspended if you can login and view your balances.

The payouts occur on the 8th of the month. See this thread for more info about late/incomplete payouts. Your account likely falls into one of the two scenarios mentioned here: Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

@Asad And now they say i’m suspended , haha , biggest joke ever. No explanation, no infos, biggest scam ever, thank you Brave.

@Asad Any news about my account ?

Did you write in to suspensions@brave.com yet?

We will have an answer for you around payout time. If you’re cleared, you’ll be paid then too.

Until then, you’ll have to wait for further updates. Sorry for the wait!

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