When BAT in MetaMask and Brave Wallets?

Hello everyone.

I’m following this project since the beginning. I already give some ideas the became tools in Brave like “query code in browser to see the page in mobile”.

As I know Brave came to stop privacy invasion advertisement from Google and other Ads providers. This amazing. This is legit.

But the fact we still need to connect to Uphold until today to get BAT is a problem. This is very centralized. We have no options. In the other part Uphold asks you to give a lot of documentation to be verified and finally to receive your BATs.

In my house for example, I work and get verifiyed. But my wife is a housewife. She is now forced to be verifiyed in Uphold if she still want to get new BATs in Brave Browser. But Uphold is SO burocratic that she can’t verify herself because she doesn’t have an official State income document.

To be honest we have no patience to follow all burocartic steps for any kinf of platform. So she just took a decision. She will stop using brave reward because it is a waste of time for her.

This is just a simple and ridiculous example. I’m sure we will have more than one million reasons and complainings about the same problem here from other users.

So, i’m sure this is an old question. I hope not an eternal question:

When we can transfer BAT to MetaMask, Brave wallet or any ETH address?

If the ETH fee is a problem. That’s ok. Here is a new idea:
For fiat institutions like Uphold, Gemini, Bitfly etc, etc, you do transfer for free as you always do. Now for any other ETH address, we pay the ETH transfers fee. SO we have the choice. This is real freedom.

So I think we have no escuse anymore. Let’s just do this. Any crypto startap can transfer funds to another wallet. Why Brave still can’t?



Not gonna happen ever.
Blame government rules & regulations.

Thank you for your answer. Interesting that I follow another project like Presearch. They are a company based in Canada following rules, but we can transfer the PRE tokens we earn directly to our MetaMask paying the ETH fee.

Hahah… it makes me laugh, why?
Just moved some assets to non-custodial wallet. Even for some tokens (erc-20), i paid a minimum of 7$ for the gas fee…
Wonder what is tour solution to send 2 BAT to a non-custodial wallet. I am all ears :slight_smile:

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Indeed. There are some other projects out there. I will not name them here. But they do allow users to choose receiving in fiat or in crypto. And no need for a custodial wallet if they choose crypto :slight_smile:
Also, no need to pay ETH as gas fee, as there are other networks which are affordable.

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Brave works with Solana. And SOL fees are cheap.


I have a problem with Uphold and it is that it has asked me for KYC again and I am not able to verify my identity no matter how many photos I take of my document and my face, it always gives me an error and I am going to lose all the BAT. It is not normal that today only Uphold continues to be offered in my region. Why can’t you link to Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase, Binance, etc, where the KYC works fine for me and I have an account? Apart from being disastrous, messy and bad, Uphold is that I can’t verify it and I’m going to lose all my BATs.

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I think you didn’t get my point. I’m trying to find an answer to their escuses. Predicting they will answer “because of the gas fee” I just gave an idea.

BTW with 2 BATs you can’t do nothing. In others projects we wait until get some solid quantity before to try a transfer.

Of course BAT could be a multi blockchain token that can work with ETH, Solana, Polygon, Binance, etc. This will make everything cheaper. Even the “funny” token Shiba has it.

Exactly. There are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Crypto .com, and a lot of different regulated exchanges. But they only support Uphold in my region. Looks like a sponsor benefit.

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You guys need to understand that in order to be able to send BATs to your crypto wallet accounts, Brave needs to do agreements and have other business deals with an exchange. At the moment, Only Uphold and Gemini have done that. It’s not like Brave doesn’t want to offer more exchanges but more like not many exchanges wanna risk working with Brave. The rewards system is somewhat unprecedented therefore not many big players wanna work with it. If we want other exchanges to be offered in brave rewards, it’s highly recommended that we write to them directly. If they see enough of a demand, they’ll find ways to make it work.
Also, I’ll share this post

Totally out of scope the suggestion.

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