Whatsapp Web is not working

I’m having that exact issue with the browser, my whatsapp session is not kept when i close the browser and every time i try to use it again i get the qr code and then i get the logout screen and have to scan again, lucky if i don’t have to wait minutes to get the page to load. This doesn’t happen with firefox or edge.

At this point I haven’t been able to use WhatsApp Web for over a month. 2 days ago I switched to Opera, because it is absolutely unacceptable for Brave to not do anything about this.

Yes I get the same - had been working fine for over a year with number of updates including both Brave and WA) and started 9 June 2022 after a WA upgrade (version now So naturally had a go at WA/Meta but getting any sense out of them was useless. 10-6-2022 they replied saying “If you’re using WhatsApp Web, please restart your browser.” I mean…

But something has changed now because using Brave 1.40.107 it still throws this error BUT now using Chrome it works seamlessly. Looks like whatever happened in the upgrade to WA broke something in Brave AND BRAVE HASN’T YET RESPONDED. You know… couple of months n’ all that…

Moral of the story:
USERS: use an alternative browser

BRAVE TEAM: for goodness sake get on with it and “work arounds fixing settings” just doesn’t cut it tbh. This is meant to be simple for mere mortals (like me) not hackers (also like me but I don’t intend to make it my life’s work diagnosing splurgeware that has a paid maintenance team…)
Please go fix the default settings…


thanks, work for me. thanks this method worked for me

This is sad… We made any comments and pointed many issues about this case, but nothing happens, even with the updates rolling during this situation.
For many, the solution was to migrate to other (Ophera, Chrome, FireFox), it’s sad for me see this, because i beleave on Brave browser…

I think the staff coud inform us about what they are mading about this, any news, even “whe know but don’t know yet how to solve” serves to us…
The resolution propose (informed by us and not the staff) in this topic (about reset settings to work and repeat after some time to work again) it’s not the real solution, it’s a placebo because works for a while and stops…

This is a common issue by Brave team and has not been addressed officially so far. Different methods are working for different people. I have found a simple method that worked for me.

  1. Disable Brave shield for Whatsapp

  2. Visit brave://settings/content/all and clear data for Whatsapp

  3. Restart your browser and try logging in to Whatsapp.

Hope this fixes your problem. Next time you log in and face the same problem, just try enable-disable once the Brave shield for Whatsapp.



Should we just move to another browser ? i have this problem EVERYTIME i restart my PC! please help!

Hi, tried the solution hopefully thinking this issue with whatsapp was something related to delete the data and the app will build it again and everything will work as expected. But no, after deleting the data, cookies, and everything the problem persists. Sessions are not kept between restarts. And when i restart, after scanning the qr code, the session closes and load https://web.whatsapp.com/?post_logout=1&logout_reason=0 and never ends loading. I have to close tab and open again or edit the url and visit web.whatsapp.com without any params and then it works.

It worked, thank you!! :grinning:

This sort of raises the question about “why use Brave”… because if the maintainers won’t maintain then why bother? This has been a trouble ticket (we hope) for 2 months. This is a show-stopper for the user wanting to use Brave for WA-Web (so isn’t a show-stopper all round) - but, when presented with a show-stopper, an absence of response (at all) from the developers sort of says “not taking it seriously”. So if they are not taking it seriously why are they developing?
Please Team: fix this…
Thanks guys

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Just thinking out of the box here…
WA go bugger around with their code and make a change that breaks all but their preferred browser (no connection with MS Edge I don’t suppose?) - noting that the phones are using IOS or Android.
Google spots this, gets their monster team to work and bodge a work-around or a default config or whatever that brings the exchanges back to life.
Brave team lags behind…

Time to get Wireshark out, I think.

Thanks @289wk - obvs a recurring problem if it has roots back in 2019

Already tried most of solutions here and the only way work for my macbook is to reinstall the brave app

It works at first, but somedays after, no more.

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Still not working.

Thank You very-very much!
It works!

Aqui funcionou perfeitamente, ja tinham uns bons dias que não encontrava solução, valeu!!

I got it to work after clearing data and resetting permissions for WhatsApp

After doing that you have to link Brave with Whatsapp again.

What I noticed is that if I update Whatsapp it stops working (only on Brave, on Chrome it works perfectly fine after updating)

thank u big bro! u the best!