WhatsApp can't login after scanning the QR code

Can you disable both, and re-test?

Okay, so currently Whatsapp web is working with both the add-ons active. Sometimes it opens perfectly but sometimes there is a delay. Like it loads for 1 minute before opening the page. I disabled both the add-ons but did not see any changes in the behaviour.

Hmm okay. Are you using a VPN or secureDNS?

VPN no, how do i check the secureDNS thing?


I was experiencing this and tried the following:

  • Clear cache / manually disable extensions
  • Reset settings
  • Cleare cache on the mobile app (Android)

What appears to have finally fixed it was:

  1. Went to web.whatsapp.com
  2. Clicked the Padlock icon to the left of the url
  3. Clicked Site Settings
  4. Set Background Sync to Allow


Once Background Sync was allowed, WhatsApp worked fine again. Not sure how much clearing cache / resetting settings factor into this fix, but if Background Sync doesn’t fix it for you, try clearing your cache as well.


Same behavior here with latest Brave update, running on Ubuntu and also Debian. All attempts to connect end in “Make sure your computer has an active internet connection.” along with a LOG OUT button.

In Windows 11, also with latest Brave update, I am sometimes able to establish a functional connection to web.whatsapp.com after a second attempt – first attempt dies with “Make sure your computer has an active internet connection” and the LOG OUT button. Clicking that button results in a logout, followed a minute or more later of the generation of a new QR code. Scanning that new code will then usually get me in to web.whatsapp.com. Again, this semi-successful behavior only in Windows.

From what I can tell, and in all of Windows 11, Ubuntu, and Debian, this is recent behavior only seen with the latest brave update: 1.39.122

I experience no such issues with Chrome, nor generic Chromium, nor Firefox. All of them updated to latest available versions.


Ref. material:

I retested this today, I’m not getting any delays showing the QR code, closing and reopening the web.whatsapp.com tab. (not using a VPN) though not sure if related

This works for me too, thanks!

I have a feeling whatsapp changed something on their side, we haven’t changed anything

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QR code scan fails when Dark Mode enabled:

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What does the dev console show during the time it fails?


Not my issue. I just noticed the observation and reported it to you, on the chance that some of the WhatsApp connection failures may be related.

Enabling background sync without clearing cache fixed it for me. Thank you so much!

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Stopped working again after a few hours. I did not change any settings after it started working earlier.

And just like that, after multiple refreshes, it started working again :confused:

Enabling background sync does not do it for me. Still getting “Make sure your computer has an active internet connection” and the LOG OUT button.

Any suggestions?


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