Whats with the constant Browser updates asking to be installed?

I am currently running Brave Dev and have gotten at least 5 update installs asked from me in the past couple of days… I could understand the nightly being this frequent but i thought the dev version was supposed to be more stable and usually a weekly update type of thing? Its gotten kind of annoying especiallly since youve got to restart the browser completely each time…

Also I had soo many more BAT tokens and then stopped using the browser without auto contribute turned on and no matter what whenever i go to upload my or sign back into my brave accounts i have literally like 1/8th of the amount (im being drastic most likely) of the BAT I used to have… what is up with that?

We’re currently addressing the “missing” BAT issues – thank you for your patience and we’ll have more information on this soon.

As for Dev, are you referring to just general browser updates? If that’s the case, then yes, you will see fairly frequent updates to the Developer builds.

In the last couple of months there has been updates every month. What is the reason that there are constant updates every month or every couple of weeks? The browser is working as it should work. The only issue is at twitch where welcome to the room is constantly rolling
in the chat when there is no live stream or few chats.
What is the reason for the constant rolling of the message?

Browsers need to update frequently for various reasons. I’m glad you’re seeing the browser behave the way it should, but the truth is that there are still lots of bugs/issues to fix and features to add (this is true of all browsers and all software in general) – just because it’s working properly for one person doesn’t mean it’s working properly for everyone. We highly recommend you always update the browser to the most up-to-date version, specifically for any/all security fixes to ensure you’re browsing safely.

Further, you can actually see exactly what is added/fixed in every update we release, as we announce it here on Community and we also have a page on our official website as well.