What's Up With Metamask? I mean, Come On


How could Brave be a browser built on an ERC-20 token and have a nonfunctional Metamask extension?.. It’s like McDonald’s running out of hamburgers lol.

I can’t believe it’s been jacked up for months and I haven’t heard any news about them rectifying this glaring issue at all. Makes me question the legitimacy of the BAT token.

After posting this I should get some link to another post where they mention that someone has mentioned this already, but with no info as to what the solution is or when to expect one.

Come on, Brave, you’re better than this…


What’s going on with it? Toshi browser and other dapps have been wiggin out lately too. I think it’s ETH.


@Eric.13 You must also describe your issue more please. Also, what Brave version and OS are you running?


I assume since I’ve checked for updates and there aren’t any available that I’m using the most recent version of Brave. My current OS is “High Sierra.”

The specifics of the malfunction and how it can be reproduced can be found all throughout the forums, but, here’s a link just in case:


Hi @Eric.13,
I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I think for now the team have other higher priority items that they are currently working on. About when it’ll be fixed, all that I can say is described here When will (any subject) happen?.

Also there is brave-core work going on which might solve this issue out-of-the-box. You can read more about brave-core in this blog post.

And thanks for reporting the issue and for your patience.
Thank you,


This issue has been rectified! Finally.Thank you, guys finally getting to this, It was frustrating at times, but it seems to be back up and it’s greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


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