What's the problem with DISQUS?… (It reports BRAVE as an 'unsupported browser'.)

My attempts to log out of DISQUS are never successful.

When I search its Knowledge Base on ‘unable to logout’ (etc.) it keeps displaying:

" Disqus - Unable to Log Out . Sorry, your browser is unsupported …"

And yet using the website seems normal.

Are there known issues with DISQUS?

(I don’t know if DISQUS has any direct ‘user support’ – I haven’t seen an option for it anywhere.)

Try manually clearing the disqus cookies/site data via brave://settings/content/all?searchSubpage=disqus and brave://settings/cookies @mk7z

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@fanboynz Thanks. I had already checked that. Since I was in a Private tab, there wasn’t any cookies/site data.

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