Whats the most amount of BAT you have received in a month?

Whats the most amount of BAT you have received in a month? I usually only earn 2-3, one month I think I got 9

3.25 for me, I believe. Although my balances reset when I verified my Gemini wallet and I have yet to recoup those missing balances with support.

9 is a lot! Well done.

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from one browser instance? around 6.5 once last year, usually closer to 3.

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Received over 10 BAT last month. That was my best month ever. This month is starting rocky with ads not showing up in morning and only evening. But no complaints.


In 2021 the most I’ve received in a month is 6.15 but that was far more than average. Usually between 2-4 BAT/month. In 2019 my highest was 24.7 BAT.

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seems like most of us are in same boat earning 2-3 a month-about $3-4 currently-or about $36 a year --Then I hope most of us are earning interest -Im getting interest on Gemini, but blockfi even better as they pay 3.5% to 4%

7.5. Adding PC and mobile. I usually get to 4 or 5 for sure

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what country do you live in?

US. Think the ads are the most in this country.


I didnt think you could earn on mobile? Does Brave work on Iphones OS

US as well, Ive read here it doesnt work in some places

afaik brave works on ios, but can’t earn rewards because of some issue with apple. Android can though.

Just Android. On IPhone it is not possible.

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