What's the incentive as a regular user to use the brave browser?


The most basic question, but it’s actually not answered in the Brave faq.
(I mean, besides the fact, that it’s a nice browser)
If you read the faq, it makes brave look like a software, meant to suck out your money (I don’t mean it in a disparaging way, but I don’t fully understand it).


From my understanding, it’s a way to support websites you believe in / frequent / are interested in. It also adds a layer on anonymity and protection. The main focus is a platform to aid marketing and generate useful content creation and rewards those who do through their coin,

I could be off base but it seems like a promising concept.


Yes, I would like to support a few sites/creators, why not? But my point stands. What’s the payback? A good feeling? Fair enough, but is there anything more?
In the faq (or somewhere else) it’s stated, that adds will be somewhat individualized and you’ll maybe get better deals, which is nice, but my point stands: Everything points towards, that the browser is designed to suck money out of your account. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the browser and I’m using it as my main browser but I just don’t get the business idea behind it (other, than it’s a nice browser, as said).


The browser lets you browser ad free or watch Youtube ad free, while donating BAT to your favorite Youtubers or other websites you visit.


In addition for other replies, in the future, users can opt-in for private ads that pay users.



I really hate being tracked for targeted marketing, which usually completely misses what I actually am interested in anyway, and like being able to turn that off. I also like the option to prevent autoplay of media, especially when I get on a site with little videos all over the place that keep automatically reloading while I am trying to read the page content in peace.

I would consider donating to some of my favorite sites after I better understand how the process works, in appreciation of the distracting and time-wasting annoyances I have been spared. I don’t want to give money to a site just because I happen to leave it open while I answer the phone, or I spend a long time there because I cannot find what I am looking for.

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