What's the best and fastest search engine for Brave?

Hi, I use Google as my search engine, just wanted to know what’s the best for brave

I don’t think that there is something like “the best and fastest”. Except of more tracking or data collection on Google, I don’t see any reasons not using it as search engine unless your prefer some anti tracking solutions like DuckDuckGo.


Hmm, okay, then I’ll have to stick with Google.

use DuckDuckGo…Google is the worst.

Yes, but DuckDuckGo generates older results while Google tops from the latest =)

That’s a really mature answer :wink:
It depends on what you do, what you search. I used DDG for years, and loved the !bangs. But most of the time, I ended up looking at !g to find an answer, so I went back to Google by default, even if for privacy issues, it concerns me.

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Unfortunately, DDG doesn’t even own its core search engine, which is Microsoft Bing.

True. I know there is private search engines out there but I cant remember what they are and I don’t have time to check ATM.

Are you really discussing about privacy differences of search engines while using Brave? :wink:

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Yeah, what’s there to worry while you’re using the most secure browser?

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