Whats gonna happen from now?

My region doesnt supported anymore with new update. But im still collect bat from ads. Can i withdraw them or these bats will gone?


There is a lot for you to study. I suggest starting with:

Rewards will arrive in 7 days - #8 by Saoiray

and reading up and down that webpage, as well.

Re When will things change?

There seems to be much uncertainty about The When of It . . .

The answer(s) that you seek, will probably be found, by occasionally searching:



Guessing you’re from Venezuela? If so, check out my post at PSA: Venezuela no longer supported by Uphold (or Gemini)

Read all replies as well. We kind of covered some details

No. Im from turkey and my country has biggest crypto community in the world really i dont understand why doesnt supported my region anymore.

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