What's Braves deal with hoangha.me?

I tried downloading brave and I was prompted to download a different edition of brave as below. I was told it supports hoangha.me


which seemed sketchy because I launched brave.com on a different device and I got a different url

I’m using Bitdifendere Total Security and my device is not infected. Just want to confirm if the above link is official ?

Looks like the above link is referral link – usually it’s something like brave.com/sixdigitcode e.g. hoa231 based on the link above.

You’ll not land on the referral page unless you click the link (shared on media social) or from ads.

If you download from brave.com/download, you’ll download the “normal” installer.

Hey, thanks for your reply

That’s understandable, but I typed brave on google and clicked. So I don’t know how it couldve been a referral. I tried re-entering the url, still got the same result.

Probably you click an ads. You can directly visit brave.com if you want.

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