What's a full-webpage screen capture add-on that works well with BRAVE?

Interested in recommendations for full-webpage screen capture that works well with BRAVE.

I.e., screenshots that include the portions of the webpage that aren’t displayed.

Lots of browser add-ons for this in Chrome. Do they work as well with Brave?


The chrome extensions should work fine in Brave.

> The chrome extensions should work fine in Brave.

Thanks. Is that ‘across the boards’ (i.e., type of extension not relevant)?

Given Brave is chrome based, most extensions should work fine. Just try it out? :grin:

Thanks, I meant it more as a general question whether particular categories of Chrome extensions work better than others in Brave, or whether there’s assumed to be full compatibility with all Chrome extensions.

Related question: Can Brave, either with built-in functionality I’m not aware of or via an add-on, auto-translate foreign language webpages the way Chrome can?

As @fanboynz says, all extensions should work without issue. But if you want a recommendation, I’ve been using Fireshot recently.

Thanks for that recommendation.

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