Whatruns [wappalyzer alternative]


Discover what runs a website
Extension that helps you identify technologies used on any website at the click of a button.


Wappalyzer - Identify technologies on websites


This seems like a brilliant solution for new developers and engineers that want to ascertain he functionality of brilliantly designed websites.

I have to admit I’ve seen many brilliantly designed websites and always wondered what and how they use some technologies; I don’t have any experience but figured it would be best to know for future reference.

I practically screen record some website when I find the functionality or efficiency of some features to be brilliant, this will definitely help for (offline usage) having screen captured a website so you don’t have to actually go to the website.


@karanik I haven’t test it thoroughly myself but does it happen to show cryptographic information of certificates as well because I can honestly say all the browser I’ve tested have a poor display for cert information?

There’s usually so many clicks involved just to ascertain the companies involved and the validity period of validity of certs.

I’m an avid viewer of cryptographic certs purchased by companies and organisations;
it would be brilliant if the team could minimize the number of clicks if not eliminate the clicks just to view the necessary cryptographic information.

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