What us dinosaurs and other non-geeks need is a short setup how-to or manual

Being past 75 I am no young ace on computers and therefore need some guidance on configuring Brave. Something basic like you have done for How do I use the built-in password manager?

So far I am finding Brave far better than the options but I must still go back to my old browser for some sites. Using this forum I found the shields were causing the Captcha problems, and why I could not delete some of the “top sites” brave had chosen, but other problems still exist. I am sure these problems are losing you users as setup information is almost totally lacking and most people will not take the time to find the answer but instead will go back to their old browser.

Some topics that need a brief how to are:

The above Captcha and top site problem for others

The person who introduced me to Brave showed how on his laptop there were no blank spaces where adverts were removed yet on my computer there a shotloads of them. He has returned overseas and does not remember how he got this to happen so please “How to”.

Why does brave only provide for six top sites on desktop but more on Android? Is it possible to turn on the extras on desktop? If so please “How to”. If no make it clear so people do not waste too much time and get frustrated. Also how to add and edit a top site. Brave has added one I visit daily but at a much lower level – as an example if I wanted BBC/news/uk/politics but it only loads the basic BBC.com page how do I edit it to go where I want?

maybe a permanent How to’s Folder.

A summary of the purposes various hot keys like F12 that I saw in one post.

That said I am pleased to say I have had none of the major problems that have appeared on this forum.

Being a dinosaur in the same age bracket, what he said!