What to do when Private Tabs (not TOR) are blocked by website?


Although I’ve found that many websites refuse access via ‘Private TOR’ tabs, using standard ‘Private’ tabs (i.e., without TOR) generally works. But not always.

When a message such as the following is returned (when using a Private tab), is there any way to avoid having to log out and back in without any ‘privacy’ (i.e., are you forced to use a ‘regular’ tab)?

“Cookies are blocked. We noticed your browser doesn’t allow cookies. To access Bill Pay, you must change your browser settings. After you complete your changes, close your browser, reopen it, and sign in again.”

BTW, I’ve found that at least some websites that won’t allow access via a Private TOR tab in BRAVE do allow it when accessed directly from TOR (the browser). Any idea why that would happen?



In private mode, no cookies are stored (should “leave no traces”). This causes the login to fail. So it is not searched for a private tab, but whether cookies are accepted. If they do not… this error message appears.

This is probably because cookies are accepted in the Tor browser.


Thanks, but doesn’t that imply that BRAVE’s ‘Private’ tabs (equivalent, as far as I know, to ‘Incognito Mode’) are actually more private than TOR’s (the browser) tabs, even though TOR to my knowledge is the most secure/private browser there is?

It also would also imply that a Private TOR tab in BRAVE is actually more private than what the TOR browser offers.

That could be so, but is it? (I haven’t seen/heard anything suggesting that to date.)


Tor’s focused on hiding your IP. The private tab only ensures that no data is stored in your browser, like history, etc.

Only in connection with a VPN or Tor (VPN is even more secure) is the private tab really useful.

Only with a private tab means that your internet provider can also see your internet activities.

Here is a message from Firefox, which should explain the private tab:

If you surf in a private window, Firefox will not save the following:

Visited pages
search queries
Temporary files

Firefox will save the following:


Private surfing does not make you anonymous on the Internet. Your employer or Internet service provider can still track which pages you visit.

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