What should we do in unsupported countries?

i will reset my phone but i will lose my bat tokens can you help me

Hey, you can try backing up the Brave folder if you can find it though. I’ll let you know if I find something. @Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige please help

Stop spamming on the forum about using a VPN. It could have consequences of having your rewards flagged.

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On desktop you can backup the \brave-browser folder and then replace the folder in a new install/reset device.

However, with Android I’m not 100% sure how it works. This is still something I’ve been waiting for @chriscat or @Serg to help with. If the app could be moved over to SD card, I’d mention that, but when I tried messing with it on my Samsung Galaxy S9, that’s not an option. When I went to find the folder Brave is in on the phone, it wasn’t accessible to me, so there wasn’t a way to back it up.

I just realized that, I am replying to the comments now/ wont recommend moving forward.

@ty73128 appreciate you trying to help. I’m sure there will be things you’ll learn in the future and can relay to others. Unfortunately, this just happened to be a thought/suggestion of yours that wasn’t able to solve the issue at hand and could have actually caused more issues. However, it will be great if you’d like to learn more and continue helping Users here on Brave Community.

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I am / will, I went through and fixed those comments. I was mixing brave up with something else.

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@Nanemale If you are on Android, some offer Backup and Restore from system settings or from an application. My OS is RealMe UI 2.0 with Android 11. And I can backup app-data of individual apps in a local file. You can search for similar feature or application in your phone. There are some online articles as well which you can find.

I’ve never used backup feature in Android but if you ended up trying any, do let us know how it went.

I downloaded an application from the play store, I tried to backup, but it does not work, when I click on the file, the file appears empty, I wonder why

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