What should uphold need? (verification topic)

what should uphold need? Is it need a personal smartphone of me to verify? or Is it uphold need my mobile number? or Are they need the current device that I am using brave browser now?

@rrksh33 I am not quite sure what you’re asking. I see you asking about information that Uphold needs, but I’m not sure I’m understanding in which way. For example, if you just are creating the account then you’ll need to go through KYC/AML which is where they will need your full name, mailing address, social security number, etc. Then they will also make you take a picture of yourself and your passport (or other similar photo ID). They may also require information regarding your bank account, assuming you are linking to a bank so you can withdraw BAT in the form of fiat (real money).

Once you have created the account and gone through that entire verification process, you’d then be able to Verify or link Brave to Uphold through Rewards on each device you use. In order to that, you’ll only click on it in Rewards, sign in, and everything will be complete. At that point on, you’ll receive all BAT payouts to that Uphold account. Though every 90-120 days your browser may be disconnected, where you’ll need to connect again.

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