What setting allows to bypass number of articles limit on newspapers websites?

I noticed something very interesting:
When I browse press articles on newspapers websites with Brave on my Android phone, I never reach the limit of number of free articles.
Does anyone know which setting allows this? I’d like to set my other browsers like this too.


Can you please provide some additional details surrounding the issue? What websites are you seeing this behavior occur on? What type of Android device are you using? Have you tried with Shields down?

It’s not an issue, it’s just awesome.

If you browse, on your phone, the news website m.24heures.ch on Chrome, you will see most articles as ABO+ (paid), but if you browse that same website with Brave, you don’t even see this restriction.

On other newspapers websites, such as libe.fr, you can read as many articles as you want with Brave without ever reaching the limit of free articles, but with other browsers, you eventually reach that limit.

My feeling is that Brave clears data such as cookies or something that makes you look as if it was your first visit every time.
I’m just curious which setting does this as I haven’t changed any setting in Brave.

My phone is a Nexus 6P.

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