What relation does Brave has with facebook?

So I installed Brave on my workstation and noticed a facebook related software was blocked, this software is executed by Brave Browser. Is not an extesión or anything as this was a fresh Brave installation.

What specifically led you to this conclusion?

What did the ‘block’ message or window look like?

How, and from where, did you download Brave?


I arrived the conclusion because it happens only with Brave.

You can see the image above how the block message looks like.

I downloaded Brave from https://brave.com/

It looks to me like your system has some software on it that blocks Facebook (or at least some parts of it), and when your browser tried to load that script from Facebook, that generated this error.

I think we are on the same page up until here.

But keep in mind that anytime you browse, the sites your browser loads can link to resources just about anywhere – including Facebook. And your browser (any browser, generally) will load those resources. Most likely some site you visited had a link to that on it, and then Brave attempted to load it as a result.

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