What kind of unpaid ETH

in Statements there is unpaid ETH
why it is not credited to the wallet

You should see it on your Uphold account @vovka.

there is no such transaction in Uphold

Are you sure there’s no transaction history for January on your Uphold account?

Something like Received X from Brave Software. It’s either deposited to your ETH card or BAT card – since I don’t know your deposit currency is set to.

Also cc @asad @steeven on this

Hey @eljunoor @AsadCan you please clarify… can i change currency to be received even for the rewards from refferals or is it only possible for tipped rewards ?

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Tell me why such a transaction is displayed? And didn’t enter the wallet

I believe its a typo, 5000 BAts were never close to 56 ETH if I remember correctly.

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