What kind of ads does Brave throw at us

So far, I believe I’ve only seen ads in the form of desktop push notifications appearing outside the Brave browser. This, to me, is the worst and most annoying kind of ad. I don’t think I’d mind ads that show inside a web page in the browser if they’re discrete, but I certainly don’t want to be disturbed by ads in the form of push notifications.

Under Brave Rewards, in the ads section, I would welcome a list of the kinds of ads that Brave Rewards supports and give users the possibility to opt-in or opt-out of each type of ad.

Thanks for your feedback!
This is fairly commonly noted by users – that push notifications are “less than desirable” with respect to the way Brave Ads are served to them.

That said, please remember that this is still a very early iteration of the feature. We plan on improving and streamlining the way Ads are delivered to the user as well as their design/appearance.