What it would take for me to use Brave as my default browser


I just wanted to give a couple of reasons that I don’t use Brave as my default browser, even though I would very much like to do so.

  1. No Brave Sync for mobile yet. I actually do use Brave as my default browser on Android due to the fact that it is essentially just Chrome with adblock. However, if I need to access some of my bookmarks I wind up going back to Chrome since you can’t import bookmarks into Brave on Android in anyway.
  2. Brave Sync simply isn’t as responsive and easy to use as Chrome sync. With Chrome sync all you do is sign in with your email account and literally everything in your Chrome settings, bookmarks, extensions, and history is brought to the workstation you’re currently on.
  3. No easy way to install Chrome extensions (Almost entirely because I need Stylish so I don’t burn my eyes out staring at white screens all day. Obviously this isn’t the only extension I use but it is an extremely important one to me.)
  4. Dark theme (Same reason as for why I need extensions)

If even just 1 and 3 were added to Brave, I would absolutely use it as my main browser. For a bit of a comparison: the browser Vivaldi is also quite intriguing and interesting to use. I like the dark theme, the tab coloration based on the favicon, the sidebar for notes and loading up websites like your email or google keep at the same time as the main website you’re on, and much much more. Even though I love some of the features in Vivaldi I don’t use it on a day to day basis because it is lacking any sort of Sync feature similar to Chrome (Vivaldi does support most Chrome extensions though, which is a big plus in my book).

I also think that it would be a big mistake from a business perspective for the Brave team to add Chrome extension support one by one, user request, by user request. I think the manpower would be better spent trying to integrate support for the chrome web extension store as competitors like Vivaldi have done.

So, in conclusions: it’s a major shame that many of these independent/start-up based browsers have so many cool features that the mainstream, corporate funded browsers lack (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari). The main problem I’ve noticed that these start-up companies that make incredible browsers seem to have, is obviously the lack of manpower to build some core features, but also the lack of high-level infrastructure to maintain what many consider to be core features (i.e. Sync, and extensions).

Arbitrary (user configurable) placement and spacing of buttons within toolbar

Sync for mobile is in development and chrome extensions are disabled because it is a security issue with extensions enabled without knowing what they have acces to :wink: There is a way to get chrome extensons to work but it requires some coding and every extension doesent work, you also need to run two commands every time you want to strat the browser: But here is a guide to doing it if you want:


Hi Jacalz,
I’m aware that sync for mobile is in development, and I’m aware of the reasoning behind the lack of chrome extensions. Part of the reason I wrote up this post was the fact that I had seen that blog post while looking at ways to get extensions in Brave. I was glad to see that there was a way to add extensions into Brave, but the idea of doing that on any computer I would use Brave on, and start it up from cmd every time seemed a little ridiculous to me.

This post was mainly just a synopsis of why I don’t use Brave on a day to day basis, but wish I could. Also, I think this might accurately reflect some of the opinions of other users.


Yeah I do agree to what you are saying :smiley:


I agree. I would love to make this the only browser I use across all my devices, however if I cant see my browsing history, recently closed tabs, bookmarks etc. it is hard to eliminate one that can. Love what you guys are doing keep up the awesome work!


I have just recently dumped Chrome after having it as default browser since the beginning. I never liked IE anyway so Chrome was such a relief. Easy to use for a not so techy person like myself. For years it held a good standard. But in the last few years I have started to encounter all sorts of problems. First very few and minor. A couple of years ago it started to become quite more annoying than that. So one day when I logged in, opened up my usual tabs, several links where suddenly blocked. When I couldn’t reach the sites I’ve been to every day without problem I just had enough of it. I did try a re-install of Chrome but that didn’t worked. I like Firefox but only as a second hand option. But I had a couple more installed that I had just briefly tested when I downloaded them. One was Brave and the other Vivaldi. Although I like both, better than Chrome anyway, my first preference fell for Vivaldi. But I will keep trying out Brave as well every now and then. The one that first works out the stuff with extensions like on Chrome will become my default browser.


A fully compatible pdf handler (or adoption of the Adobe Reader DC plugin) and I’m All Brave, All the Time.

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