What is wrong with Brave?

Every month the situation gets worse with the rewards last month I got the rewards at 17 of January now it’s 21 and I got the smaller portion of the rewards while the rest are nowhere to be found something needs to be done


@Ph0b0s1988 , @steeven , @Mattches ,

@Ph0b0s1988, you asked for help and filled out the Report Template, back in January, this year (but your request for help went un-answered):

And, you asked for help again, and you filled out a Report Template again, re another issue, in January (but your request for help went un-answered):

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@289wk So then help them out!! You know the answer to some of it.

@Ph0b0s1988 I can’t even figure out your current situation here. If we go by prior posts, you mentioned 1,899 BAT which I don’t know if it’s a regional thing and you are saying 1.899 or if you really meant nearly two thousand BAT. If the latter, it’s harder to believe.

On other post you have, you mentioned meeting the Wallet Limit. We’ve posted about that here a lot and I’m not sure if you ever got it figured out. Yet the short answer is you would have had to do a Wallet unlinking request form which is talked about at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Then if we look at your post today, you’re speaking as if you’re getting rewards and all. So not sure if the prior situations were already handled?

No matter what the circumstance, it all falls back to the idea that you need to contact Mattches and steeven as instructed at Still no payout? read this before posting and make sure you provide them all the information they request…which is mentioned in that post.

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@Saoiray ,

One thing that Brave Support could do, is update:

Include the latest Posting Guidelines.

Get the OP Report [Text] Editors to match the Templates.

The following nudge works, but again, needs Templates to match OP Report [Text] Editor windows:

And you, as a Community Ninja, ought to have some reserved workspace at Brave Community (in-accessible to we commoners), where you can maintain “canned replies” . . . and then copy and paste them to certain issues / [customer] replies. IMHO

The thing is I am a verified uphold user since August 2020 I never had a big problem besides the regular payment issues but the last two months it s like hell i always had 2 devices since this summer that I bought two new phones and synced them to my brave profile suddenly last month with the big delays I uninstalled and reinstalled brave on these 2 devices cause I didn’t get ads for days when I reinstalled I stuck at a verification loop and got the device limit error without surpassing the 4 device limit I messaged steeven and never got an answer I messaged mattches and he told to fill an unlink device request to get one slot back so the problem isn’t really solved it’s not almost 2k bat i wrote and sorry if it wasn’t obvious 1 bat point 8 etc this month I only got rewards from 1 device and still waiting for mattches to reply to my message ( he is helpful and obviously busy)

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