What is wrong with Brave? Please look into this

I am a brave user having various issues with wallet extensions.
Meta mask, Coinbase wallet or anything does not work and the browser crashes when loading the web(mostly) and I am a user from Sri Lanka, so I am going to miss my hard earned 120BAT as well(Why leave out the most of the world from the BAT program)
Seriously, you guys should work around getting an exchange(even coinbase will do the trick) or else implement a mechanism where users get a backup of their coins where they will be able to redeem them through a supported exchange once it becomes available.
Cheers and I look forward for a positive reply.
We love the orange Lion and always will :slight_smile:

Brave Version: v1.49.120
Platform: Windows 11

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Hello there @ishaaq please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. I kindly suggest you try a fresh installation of the extensions and make sure that on brave://settings/web3 the default wallets are set to Extensions.

Let me know if that works.

Nope. that did not work.

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@ishaaq on this case, try creating a new Brave profile by going to main menu > create a new profile to see if the issue persist while using a brand new Brave profile.

Be waiting for your response.

Hey Kevin!
That is fixing the issue.
What will happen to my Unclaimed BAT Tokens, in the after that?

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@ishaaq those rewards will remain on your other profile for you to be able to claim them. If you haven’t already and are located on a supported region you will be able to save those rewards on a wallet.

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