What is wrong with BAT transaction?

I am trying to send a signed raw transaction of BAT using api.etherscan.io with the eth_sendRawTransaction method.
The transaction is signed with a private key using Web3 with the eth.account.sign_transaction method.
I successfully sent other ERC-20 tokens with the mentioned methods.
But when I try to send BAT, the transaction always fails with the error “ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.”

The problem with the mentioned tries of sending BAT transactions is undoubtedly not the problem of “OUT OF GAS” because the GasLimit parameter was 207128.

I point out that a transaction is recognized as a TRANSFER (“Method”) transaction without indicating the amount of BAT and targeted address in the “Transaction Action” (accidentally, the “Transaction Action” is absent).
Nevertheless, the decoded input data of that transaction shows the correct address and value.

You can see the transaction using that link