What is the purpose of the ad history page like options?

What is the purpose of the ad history page like and love options?

There seems to be an option to click a thumbs-up, thumbs-down and a heart against ads which have been displayed, what does clicking these do?
Does a thumbs down mean you wont see ad again?
Does a thumbs up mean you will get ad again?
But then there’s the heart, we need explanation about this please…

cc @Mattches @Asad we need a support article for this.

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Thumbs down:

  • I do not like the ad

Thumbs up:

  • I like the ad



  • I like ads matched to this category

“Do Not”:

  • Do not show me ads matched to this category

All of these signals are intended to eventually train the model on your device to make decisions based on the feedback.

They are also intended to provide anonymous feedback to advertisers, so they can optimize messaging and approach per category and ad.

In this first iteration, I believe that category opt-outs are functional. If they aren’t, they will be very soon.

If I recall correctly, in this first iteration, thumbs up/down are functional at the reporting and feedback level, but are not yet influencing the ad matching.

Hope this helps!


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