What is the procedure for wiping my PC

I want to wipe my pc, reset Windows and reinstall Brave. I have read that I can only link 4 wallets to Uphold over lifetime so want to make sure i don’t mess this up. I can transfer all pending BAT to Uphold but what is the correct procedure to reinstall and relink? Do i still use up one of the 4 slots on Uphold?


At this time yes, you will use up one of your total lifetime slots upon reinstalling Brave and verifying that wallet. We’re currently working on ways to avoid this type of “wasted slot” but for now this is the case. So if your wallet is already verified, you would only need to:

  1. Wipe your PC as you normally would
  2. Download and install Brave after reformatting
  3. Go to Settings --> Brave Rewards and verify your wallet with the same Uphold account you verified with in the previous installation.
  4. Bam – all funds should be reflected in your new wallet.

Now there are a couple considerations. This will sync any BAT in your Uphold to your new browser instance but it will not carry over any estimated earnings from this month – so if you are to be paid out x BAT on the 5th, you will not receive that BAT. Additionally, to be safe, I would go (in your current Brave installation before wiping your PC) to your brave://rewards-internals page and save the wallet payment ID found here somewhere safe where you can reference it later (we may want to ask this of you in the event something doesn’t work as it should).

I currently use Brave on 2 machines which are sync’d but seemingly have independent wallets. One has 72 BAT and the other 110 BAT.

If i link both of these to Uphold will that create 2 accounts in Uphold?

If i wiped both the machines which of the Uphold accounts would link to each browser? Would I end up with 182 BAT showing on each pc?

Sorry if these are newb questions but i am struggling to understand


You will only have on Uphold account – that is, profile. Each account is allowed up to 4 different browser wallets to be linked where each, instance taking up one of four total “slots”.

If you verify both wallets with your Uphold account, you will then have 180 BAT in your Uphold account, and two remaining slots for that account. So your steps will be:

  1. Verify the browser wallets on both PCs with your Uphold account, using 2/4 available slots.
  2. Wipe your PCs – note that any estimated earnings and/or Ads viewed will not carry over and will be reset.
  3. Reinstall Brave and verify the wallet in the new installation using that same Uphold account.
    Each time you do this it will use another slot, so if you install Brave on both PCs again (after wiping) and verify them both, you will have used 4/4 possible slots.

Does the above make sense?

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