What is the point of this community? Tabs closing

I’m wondering what the point of this community is. No one every resolves anything, the posts are old and primarily irrelevant and there is never a real answer to anything.
Is this what it’s come to? I despise creating an account for anything, mainly because I shouldn’t have to. But I do it and there is no answer to why everytime I pick up my phone, the tabs I had open on brave are all gone. I didn’t close them, I didn’t shut anything down. Where are they? It seems like a simple question but I’ll be d**** is I’m going to sit here and read for an hour and discover no solution. What a farce.

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This is not how you request support from us – or from anyone, for that matter. Your very first post here and you:

  1. You didn’t fill out any of the information requested of you:
  2. You insult us:

    :point_up: Despite the fact that not only are issues solved, but further, there is an entire category/filter specifically for solved issues visible at the very top of the site. It’s hard to miss:
  3. Sifting through your insults, I can see that it appears you have an issue with your tabs closing – you say that “every time you pick up my phone, the tabs I had open in Brave are gone”. What kind of phone? Android or iOS? They are completely different systems. Speaking of different systems, your issue appears to be with your mobile device, yet you’ve tagged your topic as a Windows issue:

I’m going to close this post. If you’d like help with the issue you’re encountering and are willing to provide additional information as well as be respectful here on our Community, we would be more than happy to help you.