What is the meaning of this?

all good @cory accounts showing

@cory @eljuno I still have the problem, nothing has changed

all good now and the progress is showing

the downloaded December dasn’t match with the real numbes.
The November confirmations are blocked to zero eaven if the BAT’s are payd daily.
I don’t understand the numbers next to the groups column.
I think that they are working to fix the dashboard and the counting system.
Anybody can confirm this?

@cory All good for me, thanks :slight_smile:

Confirmations statistics appear on the day that the download / install happen. The only confirmations in December you would see would be users who downloaded and installed the browser on November 1st-3rd.


just like that.
November confirmations are blocked at zero. I don’t understand why

@cory @eljuno

unfortunately I still have the same problem

What channel have you linked? I can look it up and see when the balance was created. It could be that the tip happened after the 1st

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@cory youtube channel

Hello! This is because you recently removed 2fa from your account. Due to security reasons there’s a 30 day waiting period to receive payments.

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@cory ok perfect, i understand, many thanks for the kind information