What is searchninja.co?

I keep getting ads that direct to searchninja.co. I have never clicked any of their “search result links” because you can’t find anything out about the website. You can’t actually access searchninja.co as a standalone website. Is this some sort of affiliate network or aggregator?

To confirm – you’re seeing this appear as Brave Ad on your system?

Yes. These are the kind of sites I am being directed to. I will post a screenshot of the notification if I get another one.


That does seem strange – Let me ping some people internally and see what I can find. Appreciate your patience.

Got another one



So I’ve verified that the campaign checks out – searchninja is a legitimate operation – so you’re safe there.
Out of curiosity – are you only getting searchninja Ads?

Not at all. I get other stuff. It’s like 20-25% search ninja.

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:ok_hand: Perfect, thank you very much!