What is next way?

I have not done any mistake.Help me

cc @asad @steeven on this.

no one replied https://community.brave.com/u/asad

Nobody will answer you.
This is the appearance of work.

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Hi there, suspensions are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please write an email to suspensions@brave.com indicating two things:

  1. Any methods you used to gain referrals, contributions, and tips
  2. Let us know if you think you may have done anything to accidentally trip the system.

Hey there, did you not get an answer to your case yet? Can you give me your Zendesk ticket #?

I not get an answer yet.
I’ve sent GAds screen, I spent more 3000$ for Brave advertising.
Ticket #28664

I wrote emails to suspensions@brave.com, I wrote to support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org, wrote to @steeven. I did’t receive a response about locked my account. Now I wrote you @asad. I sent to DM screenshots from Google Ads. Hope for understanding and soon reply. Thanks!

hi sir What is next way? i have mailed again but i got auto response saying reply above this line…help me

@Asad plz reply i have mailed 3 days ago.

Guys, you leave us with no informations about our accounts and collected BAT tokens. I understand you could be busy but really…? It’s been almost 10 days without any action or info, with many promises and lack of answer. You could just say “Your account will be reviewed within 10 days because [YOU PUT WHATEVER REASON YOU WANT]. We will let you know when we’re done”.

Honestly, I thought that Brave will introduce new quality in the industry. I wouldn’t have imagined so bad experience.


3 days ago I got a reply from @steeven with following and still nothing.

Thanks for your patience! Looking into this now. Thanks!

Honestly? It would be even nicer to get a reply “**** YOU” rather than nothing.

Hi @mentalny,

I dropped the ball here - I’m really sorry for not responding until now.
Reviewing this with the team today and will have have an update for you no later than 2pm PST.

Thank you again for your patience.

Venció el plazo o uso indebido

Thank you @steeven. Looking forward to hearing from you.

@mentalny @Geor @alexx @neelpathak37 Decisions on account suspensions are generally rendered shortly before each payout.

This means that if you get flagged earlier in the month, you likely won’t have a final decision until the next payout approaches. A turn around of a few weeks is often normal for these cases. At the moment, we do not have the bandwidth to keep everyone updated on the progress of their suspension appeals.

Keep in mind that we never do one-off payouts for suspensions – if you’re suspended and that causes you to miss a payout, you’d have to wait to get paid until the following month anyway.

Hope that makes sense!

@Asad Hi admin, remember that I have been reviewing my account for more than 4 months.
I have already sent him several emails but I don’t get an answer to my case.
Remember that I don’t want any Donation BAT.
He is so kind and who can help me.
Thank you

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Hi guys! Do you have news? Who was unlocked?

I’m still waiting. There are +10 more days so I’m gonna stay patient. I don’t know if anybody has already read my message but the links to all the screenshots (proofs) that I’ve sent are not available under that address anymore. @Asad, should I sent the email message with the proofs again?

I’m still waiting too. @Asad how long do we have to wait? Why are our accounts still blocked? Why were the checks not carried out?

Accounts are unlocked and paid out at payout time – won’t be any changes to account status until then. @mentalny no need to resend anything, we have everything we need.