What is it that syncs with Android version?

Have setup Brave on Samsung tablet to sync with desktop.
A part from bookmarks syncing, what else is expected to sync with the tablet app?

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bookmarks for sure… that’s all I use sync for and only to sync bookmarks to android… turn off sync when bookmarks are done… tabs but the syncing of tabs could very slow… at least from the posts here about tab syncing…

What about history?
Doesn’t say anything about that in app. settings.

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Yes, it does, but only typed history…

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It’s a start! :wink:

Did i miss the help or feature page for the app.?

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The history thing I got from another post and it had a link to a history syncing issue that said what isn’t synced in terms of history…

All data should sync between desktop and Android devices. You can set which individual data types will sync on the Sync settings page:

Just a little off topic (sorry) but is there a way to export settings from Android browser and import them after restart or reinstall? (How?)

How did i ever miss that one?! :unamused:

Did that resolve the issue for you?

@sig unfortunately no, not at this time. I’ve been pushing to include something like this in mobile builds for a while now:

I’ve added your report to the issue as well.

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Excellent, thank you.
In general, this should be the first thing implemented in every app right from v0.00.01 :sunny: - if not for anything else then for testing :wink:

Yes!! :wink:

Clicked the heart icon but forgot to hit the “solution” one…

Thank you!

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