What is it : "Failed to get creative new tab page ad"?

popup ads - work.
new-tab-page ads not work & I saw in logfile:

[1620:5380:0730/191731.596:INFO:creative_new_tab_page_ads_database_table.cc(434)] Failed to get creative new tab page ad
[1620:5380:0730/191731.597:VERBOSE1:new_tab_page_ad.cc(61)] Failed to fire new tab page ad event due to missing creative instance id xxxx
[1620:5380:0730/191731.597:VERBOSE1:ads_impl.cc(742)] Failed to fire new tab page ad kServed event for uuid xxxx and creative instance id xxxx

Is this problem solvable?

From the sounds of it, this is possibly related to the Sponsored Images on the New Tab Page (NTP). It may be that a particular creative (image) was not present when requested. This could happen for various reasons; one of which could be that the NTP Sponsored Images component was updated, and thus the earlier creative was no longer present. You can manually check for updates by visiting brave://components, and clicking Update next to NTP Sponsored Images. If you click it, and it says “not updated”, that just means you likely already had the most-recent version.


I check brave://components/
Everything is fine except for these components:

Brave Ads Resources (ru) - Версия: 1.0.11
Компонент не обновлен <------- translate: Component not updated
Brave Ads Resources (RU) - Версия:
Ошибка обновления <----- translate: Error update

  1. How update Brave Ads Resources (RU) ?
  2. Why I have Brave Ads Resources (RU) when I have Brave Ads Resources (ru) ? Or this is 2 different systems ?

+1 I also have It has not updated. How to fix this

TheNeatPerson wallpaper ads with ‘EToro’ ?
My Brave update NTP Sponsored Images (RU) - now version: 1.0.428. And I got an ad for ‘eToro’.
In https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ - There is no this ‘EToro’ ad.
Last time it was solved with the next update NTP Sponsored Images (RU) …It took a couple of days.
P.S. I have ‘eToro’ and you may have other ads not for your region.

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